It is made from 100% Viura grapes. In September,after 24 hours of maceration within a stainless steel tank at a temperature less than 18º,this concentration of grape juice is then drained through to another tank where the alcoholic fermentation begins.It is then trasfered to oak barrels where a very slow fermentation takes due to the effect produced by the new wooden barrel. Once the sugars reactions have ceased,the wine rest with the suspended impurities,those of wich are removed on a weekly bases,( this process is called “batonage”). After four months of being lef to settle,the wine is then drained and filtred again of all suspended impurities and clarified ready for bottling.



A straw yellowish colour with a golden glint. A fresh fruits aroma and frangance characteristic from fermentation. One is reminded of sparkling wines like cava. In mouth one is presented at first by an acid sour like freshness followed by a smooth acidulous taste, with a vanilla like coconut hint adhered by the wooden barrels.

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