We are artisans

The fruit of generations work.

Medievo wines are the fruit of the work of generations of farmers who form Medievo and from the hands and know-how

of our winemaker Santiago Garde.


“The oldest vineyard we have and probably one of the oldest Grenache in Rioja belongs to our family, currently 2 generations we actively work in the vineyard and winery.”


“My children walk through the vineyards that my grandparents planted. Four generations of love for the land and the vineyard, for us the winery is family.”


“Our family has roots in these lands, we do not understand our day to day without stepping on the vineyard. Nothing better than a good family lunch after a hard morning in Las Cáscaras.”

Santiago Garde

The artisan: makes the special Medievo wines combining tradition and innovation.


After a long training and experience, Santiago decided to join this project in which he can express himself, printing his personal stamp on each of his creations.

Foto Equipo 2

Medievo Team

This project would not be possible without the work of the entire Medievo team that works every day to give the best of themselves in each department.

We make it possible here