from start to finish
the joys of life
in good company
The origin of
our tradition
Wines with the
experience and dedication
of good artisans

The value of origins,
the origin of our values.

We are a group of vineyard artisans, traders and farmers, experts on the work and care of the land. United we offer the world our good work.

We have dedicated our efforts to keeping the know-how of an ancestral viticulture intact, merging it with the most innovative production systems and bring it to the vanguard.

A surprising range

Great wines from our own vineyards up to 50 years old and located in altitude. With a unique soil and climate and a delicate production process.

What we call a Rioja.

Singular Monovarietals

Unique varieties from unique vineyards. Selected bunches from our most exclusive vineyards.

The true essence of the Winery.


Coherence and respect for the environment without losing the meaning of a good Rioja.

Of course it is possible to do it well!

Our young wines

With respect for tradition but fresh and transgressive. Purity and ambition, fruity and powerful young.

An entire experience.