The Winery

Illusion, esteem for the land,
and commercial will.

Illusion, esteem for the land and commercial will encouraged a group of farmers and wine experts to establish Bodegas del Medievo. Tradition and vanguard go hand in hand in this project.

Our Harvest

After a year of care, a meticulous study of ripening is carried out, looking for the optimum moment of quality to extract the best from each grape.


The sun reflects off our stainless steel tanks where controlled fermentations take place.


More than 2,500 American and French oak barrels rest in our 1000m2 aging warehouse where our wines are aged in optimal humidity and temperature conditions.


The wines go through the bottling warehouse and rest in the storage warehouse until they are dispatched with the strictest of traceability.

Tasting spaces

In our tasting room we show the new creations of Santiago to our clients with whom we also celebrate in our dining room and terrace with views of the vineyards.

We are artisans

We are Artisans