Ancestral climatic unit.

Bodegas del Medievo grows its grapes in the foothills of the Sierra de Yerga. This area constitutes an ancestral edaphoclimatic unit,

recognized since ancient times.


The winery is located in a climatic transition zone, winters are similar to those of continental climates, cold and dry with prevailing north winds ,frequent but never extreme frosts, little snow and little persistence when it appears. Summers are typically Mediterranean, hot, especially when the south wind arrives which is usually accompanied by strong storms with episodes of torrential rain.

Rains always scarce and little distributed occur preferably in spring and autumn, they do not usually exceed 350-400 liters a year, at the limit of vine cultivation.

Soils and Plots

Although the winery is located at an altitude of 300m. The vineyards are situated at an altitude of between 400-550m. With not very fertile ferrous clay soils that together with the low rainfall make the vine grow in harsh conditions, limiting productivity and favoring quality.

Special Plots

Some plots are very special:

LAS CÁSCARAS: unlike the rest of the vineyard, it is located at a lower altitude with a purely alluvial terrain, a terrain that was not used for vineyards due to its low fertility and difficulty in cultivation, but the specific soil conditions of this place favor early maturation perfect for our special Graciano.

LAS PLANAS: probably one of the oldest Garnacha vineyards in Rioja, with a very low production but which gives us wines of incomparable character.

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